Monday, March 1, 2010

More Exotics to Ogle At

Early January of this year, boyfie and I visited a good friend to check on his ever growing collection of exotics.  I took pictures of a fraction of his pets since I got too overwhelmed with his collection and totally forgot about taking snapshots of each.

He's got three adult spectacled caimans and three little ones.  I took pictures of his exotic "crocs", erm, only the babies:

This Spectacled Caiman is feisty

Baby Spectacled Caiman wanting more food

He's got a huge pond, too!  Too bad i don't have a good camera that can zoom into these beauties effectively.    Here's my digicam trying real hard to capture these freshwater goodies:

Giant gouramis on the lose!

And here are some arapaimas.  Trust me, they're huuuuuge! (sorry for the watermark, was supposed to post it over my other blog...)

Arapaima gigas

Here's a milk snake, one of the dreaded exotics.  I believe this is an albino honduran.  Wasn't able to take a good shot at this beauty though.  Looks like it sprung to us huh?

Milksnake, an albino honduran, I think

Alas, my personal faves.  Why? Because they're so camerophillic!  These bearded dragons can't resist posing, stepping on each other, and wanting my attention!  I want one... or two!

Sunburst and Red Flame bearded dragon morphs

"We are exotic!"

A splash of bearded dragon morphs

Exotic Camwhores!

"Thank you very much for stepping over me!"

Bearded Dragon Buddies

Whew!  I sure loved taking snapshots of those iguana-looking reptiles!  

3/4ths of his entire pet collection are exotics.  I chanced upon 1 albino and 4 burmese pythons, 4 morphs of ball pythons, a lot of milk and cornsnake morphs, a variety of colorful geckos (he also has one giant gecko), and a menagerie of scorpion and tarantula types.  We oggled at chihuahuas, labradors, pigeons, owls, and a lot more I could possibly remember!

It was surely an exotic ogling day that time!  I'm lucky enough not to be charged an entrance fee!

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