Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Bilanggo --- As interpreted by my Syrian Hamster

"Bilanggo sa rehas na gawa ng puso mo..." -Rizal Underground

Meet Hash, my 21/2-month old female teddy bear/Syrian hamster.  These shots were taken a week after I got her from a local pet store (which I regret doing. should've bought one from a breeder.  Hash is sooooo feisty!).

But I'm taking that back.  I don't regret getting Hash, actually.  She's loveable.  Bossy, but loveable.  She's the female version of Maxx (i'll expound on this soon).

Anyway, here's Hash interpreting a local song called, "Bilanggo".

Rusty bars add to Hash's drama

A few nibbles to freedom

Nibble.  Nibble.  Nibble.

But my teeth can wear out, too.  Slowly, I slide down with a weary heart.

*hingal*  *hingal*

Back to work.  Background music plays once again:
"Bilanggo-oh... sa rehas na gawa ng puso mo..."


  1. SUCH a cutie! my first pet was a hamster named Speedy <3. *misses him so much*.

  2. I had hamsters, too and I even took them with me on plane rides to beaches -- swear! I also bred them in college and sold them to pet stores. Sadly, the pair died 2 years later due to natural causes. I miss them too :(