Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Maxx, the Mouse Nanny

Maxx is my three year old pit who just loves to be on top of everything I'm fascinated about.  He's even jealous of my keychain-size stuffed puppy whom I call "Paisley".

When Katinka, my female ball python, came in as a slithering hatchling in our home, I needed to get some pinky mice for her to feed on.  I decided to breed mice soon after since they can be unbelievably pricey in pet stores.  And that was how mice suddenly became a common sight in our house.

Of course, Mr. Jealous/Bossy Maxx had to have his fair share of the fascination I have taking care of the rodents.

Maxx, my Jealous and Bossy Pitbull

A plastic container houses the mice

And Maxx makes sure he's the star

When he first jumped on the garden table to ogle at the mice, one of the hoppers (toddler mouse) suddenly jumped in the air and Maxx was quick enough to grab a bite.  I had to hit him on the head to get the hopper off his mouth. 

Surprisingly, the poor hopper was in one piece and moving.

Five hours after the incident, I was shocked to see one of the hoppers breathing her last breath and was already bleeding.  I presume she internally bled when Maxx snapped her like a croc.

Anyway, Maxx will never forget how hard I hit him that day and so he promised to be a good mutt this time.  The most he can do is stick his tongue out while looking at the hoppers.

One container for hoppers, the other for female adults and their kids

As soon as he gets out of his room in the morning, the first thing he does is sniff around the mice containers!  He checks the rodents out first thing, every single day.

Yup, Maxx is a good nannypit.  He might've been a fail the first time he laid eyes on the hoppers, but he's all good now.  Mr. Jealous will always be my mice's guardian.

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